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What Makes it Green

Self-sufficiency and energy efficiency.  Living consciously and conscientiously.  Using the most up-to-date technologies and local resources to ensure a low carbon footprint.  Using the finest quality materials and workmanship, built by local craftsmen.  Blending in the with environment.  Wildlife-friendly.  

Raised-bed vegetable and herb gardens

This firewood, harvested from our property, has just been split and is being seasoned.  It awaits stacking in the wood shed, seen behind the wood pile.

Construction, energy, garden

  • Stick-built with locally harvested lumber.  

  • Solar powered attic ventilation.  Standing seam metal roof.

  • Fiber cement siding.  

  • All paint is no-VOC 

  • The solar panels produce 1.3 KW power which is battery stored.  The solar electricity is not tied to the grid, so  in the event there is a power failure we are unaffected.  

  • There is an 8.5 KW Kohler generator powered by a buried 1000-gallon propane tank as a secondary back-up in the event of an emergency.  For those who prefer conventional power systems, with the lick of a switch one can connect to the local power company using standard electrical power sourcing. 

  • The range is powered by propane.  It does not use a "glow bar" so there is no need for electricity.

  • Refrigerator is least power-consuming model of its size.

  • Ceiling fans are lowest rated in energy use.

  • Toto toilets are low-water use.

  • Closed-cell spray foam insulation on exterior walls and ceiling.  House is tight!

  • Floor are diamond-polished concrete.  Cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • PEX radiant hydronic heat in floors, used as a back-up source of heat.

  • Hearthstone Heritage soapstone wood stove 55,000 BTUs with 81% efficiency

  • Thanks to good insulation and efficiency of wood stove and passive solar, typical amount of fuel per year is 1.5 to 3 cords of wood total, depending on severity of winter.  All wood used is harvested on property.

  • Three zones of heat for back-up propane-fed heat

  • On-demand hot water and heat from Prestige boiler with 95% efficiency

  • Marvin windows wood frame throughout. Energy Star

  • Marvin fiberglass windows in bathrooms

  • Solatubes in two rooms for natural daylight; reduce the need for artificial lighting

  • Recessed LED lighting in living room/dining room/kitchen/entry

  • Solar-powered attic ventilation fan

  • Windows and doors on north side of house are kept to a minimum for increased energy efficiency

  • Passive solar makes heating the house unncessary on sunny days

  • Removable panels and passive solar allow screen porch to be used 4 seasons

  • Energy efficient solar shades in dining room / living room

  • Organic apple orchard, blueberry bushes, and organic bee yard

  • Composter and raised bed vegetable gardens

Our soapstone Hearthstone Heritage wood stove keeps the house warm and cozy even on below-zero nights 

Solar panels and composter


Organic Honeycrisp and Macoun apple trees


The bee yard

Thanks to passive solar and removable acrylic panels, the screen porch is usable year-round.


The battery array, which stores power gathered from the solar panels, is located in the utility room.

Closed-cell spray insulation on exterior walls and ceilings was applied before drywall was installed.

The furnace/on demand hot water system is super-efficient.


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